What kind of ink is used to print on chocolate?

We use food/edible ink to print on chocolates. The ingredients used to print on chocolate are FSSAI approved.

What can be print on chocolates and which colors can be printed?

Each printed chocolate is a two-layer combination. The top layer is white chocolate, and the bottom layer is dark chocolate. We can print text, logos, images, etc., and almost any color can be printed on white chocolate.


What is the shelf life of the chocolates?

We recommend that the chocolates be consumed within 3 months. Each batch of chocolates is freshly made to order.



Are the chocolates vegetarian?


Do you also make sugar free chocolates?

We currently do not offer sugar free chocolates for individual retail orders. However, for a large order we can make sugar free chocolates. You can contact us for further information.

How are the chocolate boxes shipped? How long will it take to deliver the chocolates?

Your chocolate boxes are shipped by best courier companies of India. Once shipped, it takes 2-3 days to deliver to major cities and metros in India. However, interior locations may take longer. To avoid disappointment, confirm your order keeping some extra buffer time, to ensure that your gift is received on time.

How are the chocolates packed?

The chocolate boxes are packed properly in insulated thermocol box. In warm temperatures, we add cooling gel packs in the box.

Can I get the gift delivered on a specific day or a specific time?

You can track your shipment using the tracking number on the website of our shipping partner. The delivery of the gift is according to their schedule and we cannot guarantee that the delivery will happen on a certain day or time.



How to store chocolates?

Chocolates should be stored in a dry and hygienic place in temperatures less than 25 degrees celsius. Avoid direct sunlight in all seasons. During summer, it is better to keep them in an air-conditioned room. In winter, they can be kept indoors. They do not require refrigeration.

Can you customize the boxes?

We can create customized packaging for bulk orders.

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